Fact check: Iceland has not banned Covid vaccination, viral claim is false

Iceland has not banned Covid vaccines. Vaccinations for Covid-19 are ongoing. Viral posts and articles stating otherwise are fake.

Viral post stating Iceland banned Covid-19 vaccinations
Viral post stating Iceland banned Covid-19 vaccinations

Lighthouse Journalism came across a widely shared claim on social media platforms, which claimed that the country Iceland has banned Covid-19 vaccinations.

We found out in our investigation that Iceland has not banned Covid shots amid soaring sudden deaths.


Twitter user Nick Morris shared the viral claim on his Twitter profile.

There are several X users who are also sharing a blog link along with these posts.



We started the investigation by checking the link that was shared along with the claim.

Here’s what we got after we ran a ‘content quality report’ through TrustServista.

There is no author for the article (pseudo-author: Angelina). The publisher of the article is also not verified.

We also ran a ‘TrustServista’ on the another link that is attached along with the claim.

Here too the content quality report stated that the publisher was not verified.

We found the patient zero through the report though which led us to an article by Sasha Latypova.

The article was published two months ago and also there was a livestream recording linked to the article for the presentations in Swedish Parliament.

The livestream was a meeting in Parliament building organised by an elected official. The presentations included, Elsa Widding, MP Sweden giving the introduction, Michael Palmer, MD, PhD speaking on ‘mechanisms of toxicity of mRNA vaccines’, Sasha Latypova (the patient zero of article) speaking on ‘weaponization of health for global population control and enslavement’, Pierre Kory, MD speaking on ‘war on ivermectin’, Phillip Kruse speaking on ‘WHO International Health Regulations and Pandemic Treaty’, Renate Holseizen, WHO and European Commission and Andrew Bridgen, MP, UK speaking on ‘pandemic experience in the UK and evidence of subversion and capture of the democratic institutions to serve the WHO/globalist agenda’. Nowhere in this livestream did they speak about the ban on Covid vaccines in Iceland.

We then searched online if any credible news source has carried the story about the vaccine ban in Iceland. We did not find any news report that mentioned the same.

However, we did find a WION report from 9 October, 2021 which stated that Iceland had suspended the use of Moderna’s Covid vaccine due to heart-inflammation fears.

The report also mentioned: “As the supply of Pfizer vaccine is sufficient in the territory … the chief epidemiologist has decided not to use the Moderna vaccine in Iceland,” a statement published on the website of the Health Directorate read.

We also sent an email regarding the same to the Ministry of Health, Iceland.
They responded, “Iceland has not banned COVID vaccines. Vaccinations for Covid-19 are ongoing. The Chief Epidemiologist recommends that the following risk groups receive priority for COVID-19 vaccination:
All persons 60 years of age or older.
All children and adults with chronic heart, lung, kidney, and liver disease, obesity, diabetes, malignancy, or immunosuppressive disease caused by drugs or disease.
Pregnant women.
Healthcare professionals who care for individuals in the risk groups listed above.
The vaccine is free of charge to priority groups.

The above information was provided by Margret Erlendsdottir, head of information at the Ministry of Health, Iceland.

Conclusion: Iceland has not banned Covid vaccines. Vaccinations for Covid-19 are ongoing. Viral posts and articles stating otherwise are fake.