About Us

Lighthouse Journalism is an initiative of IE Online Media Services Pvt. Ltd. that operates the leading news portals such as Indianexpress.com, Financialexpress.com, Jansatta.com, Loksatta.com. 

As a digital fact-check website, our purpose is deeply rooted in the commitment to truth, accuracy, and the empowerment of an informed society. In a landscape saturated with information, we aim to cut through the noise, debunk misinformation, and provide a reliable beacon of truth. We envision a society where misinformation’s impact is mitigated, and individuals have the tools to distinguish fact from fiction. Our dedicated team of journalists believes in pursuit of accuracy and transparency, to make sure that any potential fake news is cross-checked, and debunked without any fear or favour.

Terms of Use 

Privacy Policy 

Content methodology 

Lighthouse Journalism follows a clear methodology to bust fake news and provide authentic fact checks based on facts and figures. The findings are conveyed through a detailed fact-check report.

Selecting a claim to fact-check

We actively monitor social media platforms and check for altered images and videos or false statements made by citizens and even by those who hold the position of authority. The claims that would have an impact on the general public, including those that are provocative and sensitive are picked up for fact-checking. The claims that could cause harm to the general public, if left unchecked are selected on priority.

Anonymous Sources Policy

Under Lighthouse Journalism, content from anonymous sources can be used if the content is information, and not opinion or speculation, and is vital to the fact check. The information provided by the anonymous source shall be used if it is already available and verifiable online, and only if the anonymous source is only throwing light on information already in the public domain.

Checking the source

The ‘origin’ or ‘patient zero’ is identified after we come across a claim. The process is necessary to check whether the claim is trustworthy or not. We use tools to check the altered pictures, text claims and specific tools to check the videos.

Look for evidence

After we trace the original picture or video or even the text, the further investigation is done to look for more supporting evidence. This could include research papers, news articles and information from verified sources.

Physical verification

Physical verification plays an important role in fact checking. There are certain people who would know more about an event or a topic, than the one working on the fact check. We also talk to experts from the respective fields, journalists and people who are concerned directly with respective subjects.

Writing the fact-check

After taking all the above things into consideration, we write a detailed fact check. All the evidence and links that we find during the process of investigation are mentioned in the fact-check story. Fact-checks are written in such a manner, that when our readers read it, even they would be able to identify misleading claims and check the facts for themselves.

Content Non-Partisan Policy 

At Lighthouse Journalism, we believe in creating a foundation of trust, integrity, and neutrality, ensuring our effectiveness in serving the public interest. Stringent standards are ensured and maintained by following a comprehensive Editorial Policy that lays down a code of conduct and guidelines for its journalists. We stand by a ‘no influence policy’ which ensures that its stories are not influenced by any bias. None of our journalists engage in partisan political activity nor do any of them make any contributions to candidates or political parties. None of the team members have been members of any political party nor have they held any political office.

Coverage Priorities

Lighthouse Journalism fact-checks issues which are in the larger public interest, and shall focus on health, disasters, environment and current affairs. 

Fact Check Team

Vijay Kumar Jha 

Venkatesh Kannaiah

Ankita Deshkar

Corrections Policy

At Lighthouse Journalism, we appreciate and encourage input from our readers, whether it comes in the form of comments, emails, letters, or phone calls. If we receive feedback questioning the accuracy of our content, our team promptly pauses to investigate the matter and verify the facts. After a thorough examination, we make informed decisions and respond appropriately to the feedback. Depending on the credibility and significance of the identified error, we either edit or remove the published information. Alternatively, if the original news is found to be accurate, we transparently communicate this decision to the reader, providing insights into our determination process. Our commitment is to uphold accuracy and transparency in our reporting and ensure the integrity of our content.

Organisational Details

LighthouseJournalism.com is fully funded by IE Online Media Services, and is a distinct unit within the organisation. IE Online Media Services revenue model is one of advertisements and subscriptions.

It is registered as a Private company with the corporate address at The Express Building B1/B, Ramnath Goenka Marg, Sector 10, Noida, 201301 Uttar Pradesh – India

None of the promoters is/was part of any political activity. Lighthousejournalism.com or IE Media Online does not accept donations from any political party.

IE Online Media Service Private Limited has been incorporated Oct 15, 2015 and the corporate identification number (CIN) is U74999MH1995PTC088656

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