Fact check: Old video from Pakistan goes viral as recent from Kerala

Old video from Karachi, Pakistan of people disrespecting Indian flag is being shared as recent from Kerala. Viral claim is false.

Old Pak video
Screenshot from old video from Pakistan circulating on social media platforms. (PC: X)

Lighthouse Journalism found a video being shared on social media platforms where vehicles were seen driving on the Indian flag. It was claimed that the video is from Kerala. During the investigation we found the claim to be false. The viral video is an old video from Karachi, Pakistan.


X user dk dansal shared the viral video on his profile.

Check the archive version of the post.

Other users too are sharing the same video with the same claim.


We ran a reverse image search on the keyframes of the video. We found out that the auto rickshaw seen in the video was from Pakistan.

During one search reverse image search on a keyframe we found a tweet which said that the video was from a Pakistan parade of disrespecting an Indian flag.

The tweet was from the year 2020.

We also found a video on YouTube.

We spotted a frame in the video that mentioned a place called ‘Sanam Boutique’.

We ran a Google keyword search on Sanam Boutique in Pakistan and found one in Karachi.

We found the Google location through the same and found the exact street on Google maps.

During the investigation we also found that the video was also widely shared in 2023.

Conclusion: Old video from Pakistan of people disrespecting the Indian flag is being shared as recent from Kerala. Viral claim is false.