Fact check: Viral video of Navneet Rana crying after losing from Amravati is old

The viral video showing former MP Navneet Rana crying after losing in Amravati, Maharashtra, is actually two years old. The claims being circulated are misleading.

Misleading claim about Navneet Rana
Screenshot of the post claiming it shows recent video of former MP Navneet Rana crying after her loss in General Elections from Amravati. (PC: X)

Lighthouse Journalism came across a video being shared on social media platforms. The video showed political leader Navneet Rana, who fought on the BJP ticket from Amravati, Maharashtra crying. It was claimed that she was seen crying after she faced defeat from her constituency. During the investigation, we found this video to be old. This video is not related to the results of General elections 2024.


X user Nehr_who? posted the video on his profile.

Check the archive version of the post here.

Other users too are sharing the same video as recent.


We started the investigation by running a reverse image search from the keyframe obtained from the video.

The reverse image search led us to a news report on Navbharat Times.

The report mentioned that after Ravi Rana was released from jail he went straight to meet his wife Navneet Rana. The incident is from May 2022.

We found a video about the same.

We also found this video uploaded on the YouTube channel of CNN-News18 two years ago.

The description mentioned: MP Navneet in tears after meeting husband in hospital.

We also found a tweet by ANI on the same.

Conclusion: The viral video of former MP Navneet Rana crying who lost from Amravati, Maharashtra is two-year old. Viral claims are misleading.