Fact check: Old video of EVMs found in a vehicle shared as recent

Old video of EVM row in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh is now being shared as recent of BJP indulging in EVM fraud. Viral claim is false.

False claim about BJP EVM fraud
Screenshots of video being widely shared claimed for be recent from BJP fraud.

Lighthouse Journalism found a video being widely shared on social media platforms. The video claimed of EVM fraud by BJP and the video was widely circulated as recent. During the investigation we found the viral claim to be false. The video is old and not related to the recent Lok Sabha elections.


X user @brishty_1 shared the video on her profile.

Check the archive version of the post here.

Other users too are sharing the viral video.


We started the video by carefully observing the video. The person apparently taking the video was shouting that the EVMs were found in Pahariya Mandi.

We then searched for the term, ‘Pahariya Mandi’ and found that the place is in Varanasi.

We then searched the terms, “EVMs, Varanasi” on YouTube and found a video shared on the YouTube channel of editorji.

The description suggested that the video was from 2022. It said: Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday accused the ruling BJP of trying to “steal” votes. He claimed that a truck carrying EVMs was “intercepted” in Varanasi, and the whole incident was caught on camera. The Election Commission gives clarification.

The video was similar to the viral video.

We also found a few news reports regarding the same.

We also found a news report by ANI on the same.

The report said: Speaking to media persons, Sharma said, “About 20 EVMs were being taken to UP College for training. Some political people stopped the vehicle and spread rumours by saying that these EVMs were used in elections. Whereas the strong room is different and this EVM machine caught is different. Tomorrow is the second training of the employees deputed for counting duty and these machines are always used in training for hands-on training.” He said the above-mentioned 20 EVMs were not used in polling and were being sent for training purposes.

We also found a press note about the same on X handle of CEO UP.

Ahead of the election result then, three officers were removed from election duty, including additional district magistrate Nalini Kant.

According to news reports this Lok Sabha elections, the movement of vehicles carrying EVMs will be done under tight vigil. All vehicles will be equipped with GPS.

Conclusion: Old video of EVM row in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh is now being shared as recent of BJP indulging in EVM fraud. Viral claim is false.