Lighthouse Journalism

Lighthouse Journalism is a platform for users to post requests on themes or issues to be written about by journalists, raise funds from friends and the community interested in the theme, and finally for journalists to write on the issues raised by the users.

This is how it works:

Proposer: A user who registers on the site, raises an issue/project on the site for a journalist to cover the issue and pays a token amount. He also popularises the issue or theme through social media for others to crowdfund the project.

Editorial board: The editorial board decides if the project is worthwhile to be pursued and only after it is approved does the cause/project appear on the site for crowdfunding to begin. The board also decides how much of money should be raised for the project to be given out to a freelance journalist to cover the issue.

Funder: A user who registers himself on the platform and who funds an issue which he discovers on the platform. He is normally someone who has been attracted to an issue raised by a proposer. He/she also might popularise the issue through social media and also bring in funds into the issue/project. A funder can also turn a proposer and propose new projects.

Editorial board: After the targeted funds are raised through crowdfunding, the editorial board selects the journalist to write about the issue or theme.

Journalist: Is a freelance journalist or writer who is registered on the site, and is looking to cover the issue/project. He expresses interest in covering the project and the editorial board decides if he is competent enough to write about the issue. He is to be paid by the platform from the money which has been collected through crowdfunding.

Editorial board: After the journalist has written the report, the editorial board approves it for publication on the platform.

Platform fee: The platform collects a fee of not more than 30% of the crowdfunding raised for the project. The freelance journalist gets the remaining amount.

In a gist..

Proposer A raises an issue on the platform
Editorial board approves the issue
Editorial board decides on how much it would cost
Funder B, C, D and E are interested in the issue raised by proposer A and fund the project.
Editorial board gives the theme to a journalist to write about
Editorial board approves the article for publication, and pays the journalist.

FAQs for proposer

FAQs for funder

FAQs for journalist