FAQs for proposer

1. Lighthouse Journalism platform says that I need to pay a token amount to raise a cause/project. Will it be given back to me if the project is not approved?

Yes. The initial amount of Rs 100 will be returned even if the project is not approved.

2. Can I put more money on the project/cause or should I restrict myself to the token amount and ask others to put in the money?

You can put as much money as you want on the project after it is approved by the editorial board. However, it cannot exceed the maximum amount as suggested by the editorial board. You can also share the project with others and ask them to fund the same.

3. Can I raise or initiate as many causes/projects as I wish?

Yes you can. However, we suggest that you focus on one or two projects to see it through. Remember that projects will see the light of the day only when sufficient funds are raised.

4. I am also a journalist. Can I bid for the same project/cause that I raise?

Yes you can. However, you need to register as a journalist separately on the platform.

5. I raised a cause/project. I also donated Rs 1000 for the project. If the project is not approved will I get the Rs 1000 back?

Yes, all your money will be returned to you.

6. I paid a token amount of Rs 100 for the project I raised. When will my project/cause be approved?

The project that you raised will be sent to the editorial board for their approval. Only if they approve the project will it be showcased on the site, and only if it raises the amount of money as mentioned by the editorial board will the project be sent to a journalist.

7. How do I raise money for the cause / project that I have proposed?

You could share the project with friends and the community interested in such a theme and encourage them to fund the project.

8. I have proposed a project and paid Rs 100 as a token fee. How long should I wait for my project/cause to be approved?

The project needs to be approved by the editorial board. It would take seven working days for a decision on the project.

9. My cause/project has been approved but I received a mail stating that the project will take off only after Rs 10,000 has been raised. What happens if I am not able to raise the required amount?

You need to raise the required amount for the project to take off. Otherwise the project would not take off. However, even if the project does not take off all the money would be returned.

10. I have raised almost 90 per cent of the required amount. Will my project take off?

The editorial board will take a call on the project if you have raised 90% of the required amount.

11. I know a journalist who is good enough to do the project. Can I encourage him to bid for the project?

You can encourage him to bid for the project. However, it is the editorial board which will select the journalist. You have no choice whatsoever in the selection of the journalist.

12. Will the story be published in Indian express print edition or the Indianexpress.com web edition?

There is no guarantee whatsoever that the article will be published either in the print edition of Indian express or the digital version, Indianexpress.com

13. What happens to my project if no journalists are willing to write about the cause/project?

We assume that there would be a sufficient number of journalists willing to take up interesting projects.

14. I see that the project/cause that I have raised is not finding enough traction. Can I rewrite the project and make it more attractive for funders and journalists?

No. you cannot rewrite a project that is already live on the site. However, You can submit another project.

15. I see that the journalist you selected to write about the cause/project is either not sympathetic to the cause or is not competent enough. I want him to be changed.

The final call on the selection of the journalist will be done by the editorial team. The initiator of the project has no role in the selection of the journalist.

16. I have additional info on the cause/project which I can share with the journalist. How do I reach out to him/her?

You can reach out to the project coordinator. His mail id is …..

17. Can I recommend the names of journalists who can write about this cause/project?

Yes. you can recommend some names, but the final decision will be taken by the editorial board

18. Is there a fee that the Lighthouse Journalism platform charges? If so, how much is it?

Yes. Lighthouse Journalism platform charges 30 per cent of the total amount raised as the platform fee.

19. The final report that has come out is good. Can I republish it in my blog, or give it to other news sites for republication?

No. Lighthouse Journalism owns the copyright to the story/report. You do not have rights to republish it in any format.

20. We are a non profit organisation . can we initiate a cause or project. Or is it only available as individuals?

Yes you can. Institutions including non profits are eligible to raise projects or causes.

21. We are a non profit organisation working on the theme that we raised as a project/cause. Will your journalist interview us and mention our work in the article?

It depends on the journalist. If he finds that your work is significant and worth a mention, he would interview you. However, there is no assurance whatsoever that your interview or your work would be mentioned.

22. We are not happy with the article that got published. Will you return our money?

No. the decision of the editorial board to accept the report/story of the journalist is final.

23. I am the initiator of a project/cause. I am no longer interested in the project. Can I exit the project? Will the project be shelved if I exit the project?

No. Once you initiated the project, and funding has been provided for the same, and after a journalist takes up the project, you cannot exit the same.

24. I am a non resident Indian/person of indian origin. Can I initiate a project?

No. Only Indian citizens can initiate a project.

25. We are a public limited company and we are interested in a theme. Can we initiate a cause?

Yes. you can. Institutional members including companies can initiate a project.

26. Can I get in touch with all those who funded the project. Will you give me the details?

No. details of those who funded the project will not be shared with anyone.

27. I have raised around 60 per cent for the project and time is running out. Will you be extending the time for the project to raise money?

The editorial board will take a call on the extension of time provided they think that the project is likely to raise the required funds.