FAQs for journalist

1. Can I apply for reporting on as many causes as I wish?

Yes. you can. But ideally you should apply for two or three projects and wait for the outcome. It is better to start and build your credibility on the platform by publishing a few pieces.

2. How will I be paid?

We will be doing an electronic transfer of the funds after the completion of the project. We shall be getting your bank account details and the money would be transferred to the account.

3. When will I be paid?

You will be paid after the end of the project. Ie; after you finish writing your story/report and as it is approved for publication by the editorial board.

4. Will I get the full amount that is mentioned in the project?

There would be a platform fee to the tune of 30% of the project cost. However, in some special cases or for some special themes, the platform fee might be waived and we will be informing you of the same.

5. I opted for reporting on a cause but that cause has not yet raised its full amount of money. Should I wait?

You should wait. The cause/project should raise its full amount which it is supposed to raise for the project to be given to a journalist.

6. Can I also be a user and raise a cause or project and also be a journalist and report on the same?

Yes. you can. However, you need to register separately as a user/project initiator and as a journalist.

7. I am a freelance journalist with no experience in working in mainstream news organisations. Is it ok?

No issues. You can register on the platform.

8. I applied for reporting on a cause, but got rejected by the editorial board. Any reason?

The decision of the editorial board is final. The board would communicate the reasons for the rejection.

9. I want more details on the cause /project to give an estimate. Can I get in contact with the project / cause initiator?

If you are selected for the project, you can write to the programme coordinator and he will provide you the details as requested by you.

10. I find that the project/cause is more complicated than I expected. I want to exit the project. Will I be reimbursed for the money spent?

No. If you have been selected for the project and if you want to exit the same midway, no costs would be reimbursed.

11. Can I get an advance for taking up the project?

No advance would be provided for taking up the project.

12. We are a group of journalists, working as a company/collective. Can we bid for the projects?

You can bid in the name of one of the persons in the group.

13. Will my article be showcased on Indian Express print edition or on Indianexpress.com?

There is no guarantee that your article will be published in Indian express print edition or showcased in the web edition; indianexpress.com. It will be published in the platform, www.lighthousejournalism.com

14. It looks like it will take a longer time than I expected. Can we push back the deadlines?

Yes. if it is absolutely necessary. You can

15. We have shot some video for the story. Should we edit it or will you be doing the editing?

The editing of the video would be done at your end.

16. Can I republish the story in my blog or any other news site, or platform?

No. The story which is published on Lighthouse Journalism should not be published anywhere else, including your own blog. The copyright for the same rests with Lighthouse Journalism.

17. Why is it that I see some causes on the site, but I am unable to bid for the same?

You can apply for the project/cause only after a certain threshold of funds are raised for the project by the project initiators and the funders.

18. I am not an Indian express employee now. I worked there earlier. Can I bid for a cause or a project?

Yes. you can.

19. Can I write or bid for a project in a pseudonym?

No. you can only bid or apply for a project in your real name.

20. There are some issues in my profile page how do i get it corrected?

You can correct the same yourself. If you face any tech issues, pls write to tech@lighthousejournalism.com

21. I find that a story has some errors, where Can i complain?

You can write to the editorial coordinator at editorial@lighthousejournalism.com

22. I bid for a cause/project, but doing a detailed study I find it is going to cost more. Can I change my cost estimates.?

The decision on the approximate cost has been made by the editorial board and it is final. However, you could write to the coordinator of the programme on your costing issues.

23. I find that you have published the story with some editing. I wanted the story be published in full?

The reports/stories would be edited by our editorial team and their decision is final.