FAQs for funder

1. I got a request from someone asking to fund a project in Lighthouse, should I trust this project and is this reliable?

Lighthouse journalism project is run by Indian Express Online, and the themes and content is curated by a set of editors and an editorial board. However, do check on the theme and if it is of interest, you can fund the same. The funding for the project happens on the Lighthouse Journalism platform. Initiators for the project are not allowed to raise funds in any other manner.

2. Will my money be refunded if the project is not approved?

Yes. your money will be refunded if the project is not able to raise the required funds. However, you can only fund a project which is already approved. You cannot fund a project which is not approved by the editorial board.

3. What is the minimum amount I can fund a project for? Is there any maximum limit?

The minimum amount of fund for a project is to the tune of Rs 100. There is no maximum limit. However, the maximum amount would be the total amount that is assigned to be raised for the project.

4. Can I fund multiple projects?

Yes. you can fund as many projects as you wish.

5. Can I shift my money to different projects if I am not keen on a particular project?

No. money paid to a certain project will remain with that project. You cannot shift funds between projects.

6. I had paid Rs 100 for a project. When will it be approved and when will it get published. What is the process?

The fact that you paid Rs 100 for a project means that it is already approved. If it raises the full amount as announced in the project details, it will go to a journalist who will then report on the issue that you had funded.

7. I have funded a project and I have some additional information on the project which can be of use, whom can I contact?

You can contact the coordinator of the project. coordinator@lighthousejournalism.com

8. Can I connect with the originator of the cause/project?

NO. you cannot connect to the originator of the project on the platform.

9. Can I connect with the journalist doing the project?

No. You cannot connect with the journalist doing the project on this platform.

10. I have some suggestions for a good journalist. Can I recommend some names?

You are free to recommend names and write to coordinator@lighthousejournalism.com, but the final decision will be taken up by the editorial team.

11. Will the whole money collected for the project be used for the same or does the Lighthouse Journalism platform collect some fee?

Lighthouse platform collects a fee of 30%, but in some special cases it can either reduce the fee or waive it off altogether. The decision rests with the editorial board.

12. I am a Non Resident Indian/Person Of Indian origin. Can I fund a project?

No. Only Indian residents are eligible to fund a project.

13. Can I get in touch with all those who funded the project? Will you give me the details?

No. Details of other funders will not be provided on the platform.

14. We are a public limited company and we are interested in a theme. Can we fund a cause? Can we suggest causes?

Yes. You can fund a project or cause. However no initiator or funder will have any role in the selection of the journalist.

15. My payment has some tech issues. Whom should I contact?

You should contact tech@lighthousejournalism.com

16. I am not happy with the outcome of the project ( The article or video). Whom should I talk to?

You can contact coordinator@lighthousejournalism.com. However, the final decision on the quality of the article is based on inputs from the editorial board.

17. I don't want my name to be associated with a project, though I have funded the project. Can you remove my name or hide my name?

Do write to coordinator@lighthousejournalism.com.

18. I am a subject matter expert in the cause/project that has been raised. The cause/project is good but I can add a lot more value. Can you change the proposal with my inputs?

Do write to coordinator@lighthousejournalism.com.