Stone age to Modern Rosewood - Story of Akkaara

Akkaara brings the premium lifestyle products inspired by folklore and traditional crafts. The products are handcrafted by artisans who have honed their skills over generations of practice. Through each product, Akkaara strives to revive what has been lost – the exquisite splendour of traditional arts, the cultural heritage of generations of craftspeople and the memory of age-old stories, embedded in traditional wisdom and folklore.


From a collection inspired by the stone age of India, Indian mythology to ivory inlay work set in dark Indian Rosewood displaying a modern interpretation of Warli folk art to create a wondrous amalgamation of two distinct traditions, Akkaara brings out the Indian artisans tradition and culture in everyday lifestyle. 


I would request the editorial board to assign a journalist to cover the story of Akkaara to promote the premium culture of India imbibed in its beautiful tradition.