Saving Arunachal's Aka language

The Aka tribe in Arunachal Pradesh has its own way of treating fever and cough. The trick is to crush 10 grams of fresh leaves and stems of a plant called “Syowum” in the Aka language, strain it through a cloth, and apply it on the body.

Although the medicinal plant has a scientific name, it is the native language that enables us to decode its secrets.

But the Aka language, also known as “Hruso,” faces an existential crisis. The language had less than 3,000 speakers in 2007, and its means of transmission is mostly oral. A language conservation project termed it as “endangered,” a linguist’s nightmare.

I request you and the editorial board to kindly assign a journalist to further pursue this story in detail.

This will encourage young minds to understand the importance of language and the importance of preserving it by taking initiatives towards it. It will further spread awareness in the minds of young children regarding our nation’s rich heritage and culture, since such physical outings have been limited due to the spread of the pandemic.

 I am certain that the campaigning for this project’s funds will gain support from language enthusiasts, people sensitive towards our nations rich culture and heritage and history lovers.