Onded - Fighting for sexual minorities

In our society deeply-embedded homophobic and transphobic attitudes, often combined with a lack of adequate legal protection expose many bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) people of all ages to human rights violations of their human rights.

They are discriminated against in the labour market, in schools and in hospitals, mistreated and disowned by their own families.

Onded is an organization which advocates for sexual minority rights, addresses sexual & domestic violence, and aims to outlaw colonial-era homophobic laws.

I request you and the editorial board to kindly assign a journalist to further pursue this story in detail. This will spread awareness in the minds of the citizens of our nation and encourage them to take up similar initiative towards the social good and protection of the rights of the LGBTQ community of our nation.

Moreover, it will motivate people to attach themselves with similar initiatives to create a positive impact upon others in need during difficult times.
 I am certain that the campaigning for this projects’ funds will gain traction from all people sensitive towards the social welfare of the oppressed communities, concerned for their upliftment through legal protection and education laws.