Movement to revive public wells of Tamil Nadu

Public Well Revival Movement (PWRM) is an ongoing imitative to restore traditional public wells in the villages of Tamil Nadu.

It was commenced in 2019 and is led by a group of people from the Akarmaa Foundation of Chennai and Cuckoo Forest School. It is currently reviving wells of Tiruvannamalai city of Tamil Nadu.

They have already completed their work on six public wells. 

The Akarma Foundation’s main focus is on the environment, heritage and education. Their movement is inspired by the works of Anupam Mishra and Swami Nigamananda. 

Local people often help them identify wells that are in poor condition and need to be restored. After restoration work is done, the outer walls of the wells are decorated with artworks by the children from the village.

Each restoration process takes at least a month to complete.  PWRM also creates awareness about the restoration of the traditional water tanks of Tamil Nadu.

For this purpose and in dedication to the Late water conservationist and environmentalist, Anupam Mishra, they have brought out a table calendar that consists of images of wells already restored.

These changemakers are doing their part in reviving traditional water tanks and also creating awareness amongst the public. I would like to request the editorial board to assign a journalist to take up this topic and further report on it. Organization/Public-Well-Revival-Movement-661262357824634/