Mazdoor Kitchen

Mazdoor Kitchen is a citizen run voluntary initiative, working to provide meals and subsistence to daily wage workers in North Delhi.

Run by a dedicated team of volunteers comprising professors, students, artists and people from the community itself, it has been providing meals and ration kits to hundreds of people across North Delhi.

I request you and the editorial board to kindly assign a journalist to further pursue this story in detail. This will spread awareness in the minds of the citizens of our nation towards the financial and social issues faced by the underprivileged and encourage them to play an active role towards contributing in such efforts by putting in their resources, time and energy for a cause.

Moreover, the increased attention upon this campaign will allow the foundation to gather more funds to make a greater impact. I am certain that the campaigning for this projects’ funds will gain traction from all people sensitive towards the consequences such as hunger and lack of facilities faced by the underprivileged due to the pandemic.

People who are concerned and looking for opportunities to contribute towards a meaningful cause in this difficult time will also willingly support.

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