Kshemin Labs: AI powered innovation

Kshemin Labs, have innovated an AI-powered device that can prevent road accidents by detecting and stopping drivers from falling asleep at the wheel.  It can monitor the driving pattern and vehicle condition to give live alerts based on the behavior. It can automatically detect a crash and alert predefined members with the location and impact of the crash. The device also keeps the user privacy through end-to-end encryption. It is a beneficial proof to gain insurance claim. 


Other features of the device include vehicle health reports, live alerts based on accident prone zones, Vehicle anti-theft system, connecting to cloud to make it a smart car including others. 


In 2019, the Kshemin Labs was set up by Pradeep Varma, Gyan Sai and Rohit K from Vishakhapatnam. The idea arose when Pradeep Varma, noticed news on accidents caused by drivers falling asleep. The trio funded and came with the idea of Kshemin Labs and had been working on their device which will be launched soon. 


I request the editorial board to assign a journalist to cover the story of Kshemin Labs as it not only encourages young minds to adopt innovation but also creates awareness on the AI-powered device and how useful it could be if implemented on all levels.