Khelo Rugby- Sport for good

A few days ago, I came across an internet post related to the growing influence of Rugby as a sport in the districts of Kolkata. I read more about it and came across an initiative called – ‘Khelo Rugby’, the driving organization behind this growing interest in the sport.

One of the founders of the Khelo Rugby NGO, Paul Walsh, was an ex-diplomat at the British Deputy Commission posted in Kolkata in 2002. Initially, to further his love for the sport he chose potential players across Bengal and personally coached them to set up a rugby team – ‘Jungle Crows’. During team practices in ‘Maidan’, the largest park in Kolkata, children attracted by the odd shaped ball often wandered past and asked if they could join. This motivated him to start the ‘Khelo Rugby’ initiative.
The initiative aims to achieve real social development in many communities by increasing their participation in the ‘Khelo Rugby’ program. They have been overcoming challenges related to child labour and lack of schooling by uniting children though Rugby. They have also been involved in cleaning up of school playgrounds, community centres and house backyards to create safe spaces for children to play.
I request you and the editorial board to kindly assign a journalist to further pursue this story in detail. This will spread awareness in the minds of the citizens of our nation and encourage them to take up similar initiative towards the social good of our future generations and the development of our nation.
I am certain that the campaigning for this projects funds will gain traction from all people sensitive towards the social welfare of children, concerned for our environment, child labour and education in addition to Rugby enthusiasts, looking for an opportunity to promote the sport across the nation.
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