Healthbox India Trust

Dr Deepa Kannan is a gynecologist by profession, she worked at a non-profit health center serving lower income women.

The focus of the centre was more on reproductive and child health and nothing much was done for non-communicable diseases like Diabetes and Cancer.

So she teamed up her colleague Anuradha to build Healthbox, an organization empowering health workers with technology to tackle and prevent these diseases. Convincing women to visit their camps was challenging. But things got better when these camps helped underprivileged women identify diseases they never would’ve identified otherwise.

I request you and the editorial board to kindly assign a journalist to further pursue this story in detail. This will spread awareness in the minds of the citizens of our nation and encourage them to take up similar initiative towards the social good of our future generations and the development of our nation.

 I am certain that the campaigning for this projects funds will gain traction from all people sensitive towards the social welfare of children, concerned for our healthcare and education.

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