Excavation project at megalithic site in Tamil Nadu's Sivagalai

The Tamil Nadu State Department of Archaeology (TNSDA) has taken up the initiative to excavate the megalithic Sivagalai located in the Thoothukudi district.

The excavation hopes to unearth artifacts that will help the archaeologists understand and track the lives of the former inhabitants of the village. A history teacher from the village,

A Manickam was the one to initiate the project. The excavation began on a 10X10 squared piece of land. The project team comprises 10 total researchers from TNSDA and 8 people from Sivagalai.

The archaeological officer for the excavation project is T Thangadurai and the team will be led by the director M Prabakaran. Manickam’s visit to the archaeological site of Adichanallur sparked interest in him.

He found several artifacts like urns made up of limestone, ancient weapons, utensils made up of bronze, etc. These artifacts indicated a sign of civilization in that area.

He noticed a resemblance between the artifacts of Adichanallur and that of megalithic Sivagalai. He claimed that the artifacts of the latter are older than the former.

After several petitions to the state’s Chief Minister and sharing his findings with the TNSDA in 2017, an expert committee was appointed, the excavation project finally commenced in May this year. For the project work, the government-sanctioned Rs. 31 lakhs.

I would like to request the editorial board to assign a journalist to take up this topic and further shed light on the findings of the excavation work.

Links: TNSDA: https://www.tnarch.gov.in/