Dastkar Andhra: Sustaining rural livelihoods through handlooms

Dastkar Andhra (DA) initiated its activities in 1989, as an off shoot of Dastkar, Delhi. In 1996, DA was incorporated as a public charitable trust with the objectives of promoting artisan industries suited to ownership by the primary producers. 


Dastkar Andhra’s vision and mission is to sustain handloom weaving as a viable rural livelihood and strengthen handloom industry. The combination of tasks and functions that it performs like interventions in design and technology which are strong field based functions combined with policy, research and advocacy for the industry gives it a unique strength. It also helps to impact the bargaining power of the weaver with the markets and the State. Along with these, Dastkar conduct workshops, exhibitions, seminars, publications etc to promote and create awareness of the Handloom industry. 


Especially, when the world is still coping with an environment friendly approach in the production process, Dastkar came up with the natural dyes programme in an attempt to create new products for emerging markets. Today it is a part of the programme to promote environment friendly dyes by providing technical support and training to producer groups in shifting to these technologies, both chemical and natural.


I would like to request the Editorial board to assign a journalist to cover the story on this Public charitable trust to create awareness about the power of Handloom industry and the bright future it carries in India in promoting and uplifting rural livelihood.