Buddhist heritage in Kanchipuram

According to Vajrayana Buddhism, Kanchi, a small town in Tamil Nadu is one of the twenty-four sacred power places.

As per many Sadhanas Kanchi, is the heart of the Dakini, which is the spontaneous play of the basic space and a sacred place of Dakinis, where the vibrancy of wisdom activities naturally plays out.

Historically, Kanchi was the most significant Buddhist center of learning in South India and was the home to many world-renowned scholars and masters of Buddhism.

According to Vajrayana Buddhism, it is also one of the twenty-four power places of the dakini (the spontaneous play of the basic space. Guru Padmasambhava too visited Dravida land and turned the wheel of Vajrayana there.

Full of Buddhist statues and other pieces of archeological evidence still being uncovered, Kanchi is a must visit for an enthusiast in Buddhist history.

I request you and the editorial board to kindly assign a journalist to further pursue this story in detail. This will encourage tourists to know more about such diverse places rich in history.

This will also lead to greater initiatives by the government to preserve the tradition and the overall being of the residents in such remote beautiful villages.

I am certain that the campaigning for this project’s funds will gain support from history enthusiasts and people who are concerned about the preservation of the Hindu and Buddhist religions as well.