Bay of Life Foundation: Clean ocean drive

Keeping clean ocean and water bodies are a part of the sustainable development of a nation. With climate change around the corner, it is very important to safeguard our marine ecosystem since it plays a major role in regulating the global climate.

A non-profit organization, Bay of Life Foundation in Chennai is leading the clean ocean drive initiative by offering free ocean sports.

The foundation is a part of the Bay of Life Surf School and Ocean Literacy and their main goal is the conservation of the Ocean through sports and education.

A major population of India are dependent on the ocean for their livelihood. The blue economy of India is all about the “sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth”. In collaboration with various corporate firms, the Bay of Life Foundation has conducted bleach cleanup drives with firm employee volunteers.

In exchange, they get a free surf lesson. With a focus on cleaning trash that accumulates at the shore of the big water body, the foundation has also conducted programs such as trash tagging programs to identify and find the source of the trash.

This helps them to stop further buildups to the trash. In order to collect all the toxic and hazardous plastic trash, they have also set up floating trash barriers. This helps them to recycle toxic plastics.

The Bay of Life had an immense impact on educating children through its programs. They partnered with local schools to impart education about the marine ecosystem and ocean safety lessons.

 I would like to request the editorial board to assign a journalist to shed light on the Bay of Life Foundation’s aim and vision to safeguard the sustainable ecosystem in the country.

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