Bangalore's minor heritage buildings need to be restored

Restoring heritage buildings can provide a sense of unity and belonging within a group and allows a society and the city to better understand the people who lived before them and the history of where they come from.

Bengaluru has a unique cultural identity with elements of Hindu, Christian and Islamic 
architecture. The historical monuments of Bengaluru provide a rich memory of architectural and cultural legacy of the city. 

The forts and palaces have become iconic emblems of modern Bengaluru. The cultural heritage of Bengaluru consists of contributions and influences of successive dynasties that ruled it such as the Kadambas, Hoysalas, Chalukyas and the Vijaynagar Empire. There is Mughal and British influences as well.

Heritage should not only mean temples and palaces. The Halasuru houses, cantonment bungalows, Whitefield homes and the Basvanagudi houses set in large gardens, what give each locality of Bengaluru a unique identity. 

It is these ordinary buildings that give each street its character and heritage.

Bengaluru's vast number of heritage buildings are getting destroyed due to the rapid development and rampant urbanisation. Though governments at the state, national and international organisations are working, cannot compete with the pace of urbanisation nor are they able to cater to the conservation needs of minor but historically important buildings. 

We request your editorial team to throw light on this issue by covering the issue in detail, so that the it would raise awareness and perhaps funding for restoring the smaller and lesser known heritage buildings of the city.