Anthill Creations: For sustainable playgrounds

Anthill Creations is a non-profit organization that makes gaming sustainable for all.

It was established in 2017 by five architecture students with a focus to make public playgrounds more sustainable and accessible to the underprivileged.

With the aim to make “Play is for everyone”, they primarily focused on designing playgrounds with recycled materials like discarded tires, cable drums, ropes and plastic.

Their clever ideas and design of using sustainable materials have subsequently reduced the cost of playground furnishing by a large amount.

By constructing uncycled playgrounds for children, Anthill has done a great job of being responsible consumption and production of sustainable materials.

The effort of the Anthill Creations is vested in their complex but the methodical process of identifying space, site surveys and finally physical construction of the playgrounds.

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted their work process but they came up with yet another clever plan and solution for the kids stuck at home due to lockdown.

Their ‘Play in a Box’ kit is an indoor game that is designed to enhance their social-emotional skills, physical development and artistic expression as well.

Apart from this, Anthill Creations also train volunteers to build playgrounds themselves with the help of their own playground items. These items are a part of their design library.

I would like to request the editorial board to assign a journalist to take up this project and shed light on their endeavour.